Saturday, December 29, 2007

Meet Tilly

This is 8 week old Tilly, short for Matilda. She is the newest addition to our family, a gift to our boys from John and myself for Christmas.She is the sweetest little thing, and is spoiled rotten already. She is a miniature dachshund, and should be about 9 lbs. at adulthood. John was so excited about getting her, he wouldn't shut up about it. I was really worried he would ruin the surprise for the boys, but they had no idea. They were shocked when they opened the box with her in there. Bodie thanked me about 20 times with hugs Christmas Day. He's been wanting a puppy for a while. And so far, so good as far as them being responsible for her. They are taking turns feeding her, and Tye has even taken out the newspapers she does her business on.
I will post pictures from Christmas morning later, but wanted to get these on here for now.

Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Our neighbors

They live just down the street from us, and most days their kids play with our kids.

I really thought I would have a harder time getting him to smile, because when he comes over to play at our house, he's usually pretty serious when John or I am in the room . But he was all smiles for me at the park!

Doesn't she look like the sweetest thing? She is always pretty good when she comes to our house, but her parents say she's a real wild child at home. She and Bodie are in the same class at school, and they really are 2 peas in a pod personality-wise.

Sunday, December 9, 2007

"D's" senior session

I realized last week I had not gotten around to posting these yet. She is is the girlfriend of another senior, "S".

One thing I love about shooting seniors is that they are usually up for something a little more daring, something different than cookie-cutter posing. I also get to use some cool effects in the post processing.

This one uses my RetroWash action.

With her boyfriend...


Nicole and her kids

These kids were so cooperative, which is always nice. We combined this shoot with some of their cousins, which I will show later.

Sweetest little farm girls

I took these out on their family farm. They showed me all around and we had a great time.

I love this one...

... and I love this one out on the road in front of the farm.

Cold shoot

Some of you might recognize these kids from last year on this blog. We took these photos exactly on year later.You wouldn't believe how cold it was the day we took these this time (last year it was a balmy 65 degrees in November). The kids were really great about it though! The would throw their jackets on between shots. And they were very cooperative, despite being frozen.

This one has a a winter action over it to simulate falling snowflakes!