Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Diane+Mark+3 little ones

I have been trying some new locations around town, one of which is West Hills. I love the big lawn and the orphanage steps with thier iron railings.

I love this next one. As a mom, it makes my heart melt.

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Summer Fun with Carrie's Kids

Don't you wish you were this young and carefree again?

Carrie booked this session so she could give her husband photos of the kiddos for Father's Day. They were fun to play with and I could have sat in that lawn all evening.

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Samantha- Senior 2011

This sweet young woman drove all the way from Omaha to have me photograph her and I feel so honored by that. She was a complete joy to spend the evening with!

and my favorite, with a little drama...

Wednesday, August 18, 2010


I have been meaning to post about our trip to Mackinac Island since we visited last summer. Finally, here it is.
At the end of June 2009, we took our first ever family vacation. We went with our friends, the Davidsons, to Mackinaw Island. We had an amazing time. We all got along so well, the kids behaved for the most part, and the location was awesome!
On our way we stopped in Manistique, MI. We walked out to great beach area, and along the concrete path to a gorgeous red lighthouse. The kids loved playing in the sand.

We took a ferry ride to the island, passing under the huge suspension bridge (which Melanie did not appreciate driving on to get to Mackinaw City). That became John's favorite part of the trip. He and Sam were on the upper deck, but the rest of us stayed below because it was misting outside and we did not want to spend the day soaked.

We arrived at the end of the lilac season on Mackinac Island. I wish we could have been there a week earlier.
On the island, we had some fun...

watched re-enactments...
toured the island on the carriages...
and walked a lot...

explored and learned so much...

and just loved every minute of it.
The boys were really wonderful on the trip.
I want to go back someday.
Back at the mainland, we enjoyed Mackinaw City. At the 3-d maze, the kids looked goofy with their glasses.

Mallory and Courtney were so funny. They really enjoyed each other's company when they were not texting friends at home. Courtney spent the whole trip telling us everything about here new boyfriend, Tyler.

As much as I enjoyed our trip to the island, I thoroughly loved the British fort on the mainland. The guides there were amazing at describing life for a colonial soldier and their families.
The guys played baggataway, an early form of lacrosse.

I caught Tye drawing union jacks in the dirt.
Again, the boys were so good together. They acted like 3 brothers and inseparable.
The last day of the trip we visited the historic sawmill and adventure park. This was a favorite part of the whole trip for everyone. The dads and kids all crossed a canopy bridge and rode the zip line while us mothers stayed planted on the ground.

I'm so glad we took that trip and will treasure our memories of it forever!