Thursday, June 9, 2011

Jackie + Clay = Enagament Session

Jackie is the little sister of a former co-worker and I was fortunate enough to get to take her senior photos a few years ago. Now, she is engaged to marry Clay next February. They have that "young love" look in their eyes, and they are just so into each other.

She said he proposed on an ATV ride...

One of my favorites from the whole session...

I think this is one of the best jumping photos ever.

Monday, June 6, 2011

Last Day of School

So, the boys are finishing up 6th & 3rd grade today. I think it is the start of a long, hot summer. Tonight is also Bodie's first baseball practice & Tye's first baseball game. I am an assistant coach for Tye's team this year, and so far it has been a lot of fun. I really enjoy being around all the boys on the team and they don't seem to mind having a woman teach them, something I have had a harder time with in the past. It's amazing how much they have all improved in just the month we have been practicing, and I hope they do really well tonight.
For Tye, I think his biggest concern tonight is keeping his cool. He has begun to have difficulty keeping his head on straight with all the hormones coursing through his body. We can have a great day with a truly wonderful kid that leads right into a night of living with a holy terror or sobbing mess. I remember how hard it was at that age to express how little things can send you tight over the edge, and not realizing a mountain was being made of a molehill. I just try to remain calm and give him space. But all I really want to do is hug him and make it better.
Both boys have grown a lot this year physically, too. Tye has grown about 5 inches taller to about 5'4", wears a size 10.5 shoe, and is in boys XL size. He act so much more maturely than I am ready for him to be also. He really has a good head on his shoulders and chooses good friends. This school year was definitely one of social growth for him after being with the same kids in Montessori year after year. He was placed in a house that only had one girl from his previous class and had to make some new friends, most of which were kids from baseball last summer. He has become our own little jock/ESPN reporter. Sports and Xbox are about all he ever thinks about, but I found out Saturday the thoughts of girls are creeping in. Tye had borrowed my phone to text message and although he was smart enough to know to erase all the messages he wrote, he forgo to erase what he received. I was able to gather that he wants to ask a girl out today before school ends. This is not the first time girls have come up, but it is the first time he has shown any interest back. I am trying really hard to be cool about this, but I did talk with him a bout it last night. He was mortified, but I really wanted him to know I care about him and want him to continue making good decisions. John rolled his eyes and said I should have left well enough alone, but I feel like it is my job make sure he knows he can come to us with any questions. I really want open dialogue with my kids, dangit! Even if I have to force it on them!

Bodie has grown at least 5 inches also, weighs more than Tye at 111 lbs. already and wears a 7.5 shoe. I have started to buy clothes in one size and make them share because Bodie has almost caught up to Tye. It makes it hard for me to remember Bodie is only going to be 9 in a few weeks because he is so big. I have to keep reminding myself to stop, breathe, and remember he is still small on the inside. He has had a hard time lately keeping his displeasure a secret. It seems he is always whining or grumbling about something, whether it be what is for dinner or his total boredom. I know he has really struggled with our move out to the new house and not having Mando, the boy across the street to play with. Mando has been out to stay over many weekends this year instead. We are sad to know he is moving to Texas next week and that has set off waterworks many times. Transition is always hard, especially when you are a kid.

By the way, I don't think Bodie knows how to take a normal photo anymore. He acts goofy in every shot and ends up looking like one of the demented snowmen from Calvin & Hobbes (which is some of his favorite reading right now.)

On a brighter note, we have volunteered to host an exchange student from Denmark in a few months. I am so excited. I was an exchnge student for my 11th grade year to Denmark and I think it will be wonderful to have a "full-circle" experience. I am excited for the boys to have an older brother figure in the house also. I think a lot of our summer will be spent preparing for his stay.
Although it is hard to see my boys grow and change so quickly, I am glad we have another school year under our belt and am looking forward to having them home for the next few months!