Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Snow Fort

We had a storm come though this weekend. Friday evening through Saturday until late afternoon, we got ice. Lots of it. It was about an inch thick on the van.
I do NOT like scraping ice of my vehicle!

Saturday night it snowed, the nice heavy, wet snow thiat is perfect for making snowballs. I was at a weekend crop at a local hotel, and John and the boys stayed with me. When it was over, we came home and built 2 snow forts. We had to build 2 because you can't have a snowball war with just one fort! The boys got some friends from the neighborhood to come over and have a snowball fight with them. I love watching the boys enjoy the snow. This is so much better than sitting indoors, playing video games!

Sunday, February 18, 2007

Skating Away

I haven't ice skated since I was 14. John, Tye, and Bodie have never been. We have talked about going. I have even purchased skates off Ebay. We just never seem to make it to the ice.
But we went today, and had a great time. John turned out to be really good. Tye spent most of the time on his bottom, and was pretty frustrated. Bodie spent a lot of time on his rear too, but only because he likes falling.

Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Tuesday, February 13, 2007


My little sister...


A slideshow of pictures I took of my mom this weekend...

Sunday, February 11, 2007

Father and Son

John was off on Thursday, so I asked him to let me take some pictures. Bodie wanted in on the action. Any other time he would have not wanted to, but he is a goofball when his dad is around.

Tuesday, February 6, 2007

I'm so Flattered!

Check this out: Altered mailbox
(My username at Two Peas is ScraptasticSkye)
I can't beleive someone was inspired by my little mailbox (see below)!

What a boy...

I took these of Bodie yesterday...enjoy!

Bodie says the Funniest things

On our way home from Grandma's after the Superbowl...
Me: When we get home, Tye and Bodie need to brush their teeth, go potty and get ready for bed. Tye has school in the morning and needs to get up early. So you 2 get started when we get in the door.
Bodie: Yeah, and I don't go to school and don't have to get up. So...what's the deal?

I hate to admit it but he does have a point.

Sunday, February 4, 2007

Seeing stars

We found this cool background in the tattoo shop yesterday and made Bodie-man hop in front of it. It was a quick shot, the place was busy. I will try to go in when it is less busy and work on getting better lighting and less shadows.

Saturday, February 3, 2007

For mom

We found this in the Tattoo shop today. I called my mom to tell her this is what we plan on getting here for her birthday, jokingly. She was suprisingly receptive to the idea. Her nick name is Rocky so I think this would be fitting.

Who knows? She might actually get it!

Playing with my new baby

Today I took ..oh.. about 60 photos. About half are not worthy of being saved, as I am still trying to learn this camera,and they turnd out fuzzy or dark. Most of the rest were of the kids and my sister playing Wii. Apparently on of the side effects of playing Wii is that you make weird faces. I will post some of those later.
I did get to take some of Tye today, who is sporting a new haircut he let me spike. The second one is slightly blurry (I had it on manual focus and he was moving around), but I love the expression. I wonder how long it will be before he grows into those teeth...

We also went today with Lorraine to get her nose pierced. It was one year ago today she got her first tattoo, so it an anniversary of sorts. She said it hurt a lot, but she is glad she did it. I think she has a cute nose, perfect for this sort of thing.

I really am azed at the clarity this new camera delivers. The picture quality is far above and beyond the old digital (though I had mostly good results with that one too). Even John noticed the difference in detail, and that's saying something. I'm on cloud nine.

Friday, February 2, 2007

Tears of Joy

My dad made me cry today.

Back up to yesterday.
I got a birthday package from my dear friend, Selina. She is sweeter than the gummi bears she included with the gift. I miss her so.
Tye also had a FANTASTIC report from his teacher at his conference last night. He is well above average in math and reading and just doing well all around.
I taught a class last night that went really well, too.
I woke up to a nice size tax return in our bank account this morning. The day started off well. Bodie and I went to his Kindergarten prep class. He was a good hard worker, so I promised him a treat. Since we go the return, I figured we could splurge and get a toy at Walmart. And with Tye's good report, he deserved a reward too (he has the day off today for conferences).
We headed off to Walmart where Bodie picked out a Skate Freaks by Hot Wheels toy, his new favorite obsession. Tye decided on a gameboy game. So to electronics we go. Lo and Behold- they had a Nintendo Wii in stock. At Christmas, the boys had both asked for one. I knew they were just too hard to come by for Christmas, so I told them at tax-time if we found one, we would get it. Time to pay up on that promise. We came home with a Wii.
John and I both wanted the Wii, too. Especially since it will play Gamecube games and we have lots of those. It will be well loved in our house I'm sure.
After stopping to have lunch with John we headed home to hook up our new purchase. On the way, I was making a mental list of all the bills we want to pay off with the tax return. I was really hoping to also get a new camera, a Nikon D40 I have had my eye on. But as I added up the bills, the dream of the new camera was quickly fading away. I figured I would have to wait until April at the earliest.
When we got home, there was a box on our doorstep. Tye told me it was for me from Ritz Camera. I hadn't ordered anything, although I did sign up for a contest last month they had on their site to win a camera...
I opened the box and there was a new Nikon D40 sent from my Dad and step mom, Lisa!
I cried tears of joy (which kind of freaked out the boys). I don't think I have cried tears of joy since I had my boys. I called my dad and thanked him profusely, through tears. I still can't get over it. It means the world to me that they not only got me the camera, but think I really can make something of this passion I have for photography. It really is one of the nicest things anybody has ever done for me. Here is a picture of them.

Thanks again, Dad and Lisa. I love you!

Thursday, February 1, 2007

New Feature

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Captured by the Papparazzi

Today's Rochester Post Bulletin featured 2 very special people, John and me! Now I know how Britney and K-Fed must have felt. Ok, there were lots of other people there too. It wasn't an article all about us. It was for the concert we went to last week. I was playing photographer and John was enjoying the music. Best of all it was for a good cause.
Photo taken by Christina Paolucci/Post-Bulletin