Monday, October 28, 2013

Robelene - Senior 2014

Robelene, a Medford senior, asked to go to Morehouse park for her photos. I wasn't too sure about that location because I have only ever done 1 other small session there. But we ended up having the perfect fall day. The light was amazing and the breeze was slight. I love the pale pink and the caramel color of her cardigan against the cool blue of the Straight River in her photos. She was incredibly easy to photograph, which helped as well.


Sunday, October 27, 2013

Charity's Family

This session included Charity's husband, son, brother, and parents. Oh, and a couple of pups. this session was at her country home outside Owatonna.

Heather's Kids

Sometimes things start off well...

Then the tears flow. Some day they will laugh at this photo.

But sometimes things look up again and we can get a few more good shots. This is just to show that not all my sessions go smoothly. Some are rough. But I always try my best to get something captured at each one..