Wednesday, March 29, 2006


It's spring break here and the boys are off from school. John and I decided to take a couple days off from work to spend some time with them and that way Grandma doesn't have to keep both boys all week ( that might make her crazy). John took the boys today so Barbara and I could head over to Rochester. We just wanted to go to Hobby Lobby and a few other stores.
I stopped into the Salvation Army over there. This one has a separte store for big funiture and office stuff (desks, chairs, etc.) I found this:

Its for X-rays and came from either St, Mary's or the Mayo Clinic. they are re-vamping some of there floors there, so I scored this baby. Only $18!- $1 per section! Here she is all painted and ready for my scrapbook paper.

Th eslots are bigger than I thought, about 15" square. But it will work for what i need and keep me better organized!

Wednesday, March 22, 2006

My Good Luck Charm

Here is my latest creation:
Mostly from the Jenni Bowlin March kit. I love this kit! Somewhere on her blog she mentioned one of her inspirations was mint chocloate chip, and I think this is the kit she was referring to. Yummy colors, perfect for March. Also, check out Shanna's layout made with this kit. Very nice and a great use of all the patterened paper from the kit. I also entered this into the challenge for Making Memories, which I learned about from Shanna's blog.

Tye is starting to get a little jealous, because I have been doing so many layouts of Bodie. I reminded him of 2 things.
1. He doesn't let me take pictures of him anymore like Bodie does.
2. He already has about 3 full scrapbooks of his pictures, and I have yet to fill 1 for Bo.
Maybe he will let me take more pictures of him now and stop grimacing eveytime I pull out the camera.

My 3 latest layouts on Ebay are ending tonight. but I'm so tired I don't think I can stay up to see how they turn out. The 2 page layout of "Park Life" will sell, but no bids yet on the others. That's ok though- I'm just so happy someone actually wants my stuff. I can't believe it!

Thursday, March 16, 2006

Snow Day

Yesterday was a Snow Day again for the boys. I had to work so they spent the day at grandma's. I don't know who got the short end of the stick. Who wouldn't want to spend all day with this?

Wednesday was a very hard day for us. I had to take Tye in to the doctor. He's been having accidents in his pants alot lately and Tuesday it happened at school. I just wanted to make sure nothing was physically wrong with him. As she asked him questions about what he feels and when he has to go he started sobbing. My heart broke for him. It was so hard (on both of us). I jsut want to do whatever it takes for him to get over this. I know he will more than likely grow out of it, but I want to save him the embarrassment, especially at school. She prescribed him ditropan and we are trying to get him to go more often, so hopefully that will help.Tye is staying overnight at his best friend's house tonight and is so excited.

I posted a few more layouts on Ebay. These were ones I did this fall, and I figured I should try to sell them while I create my next "masterpiece." Click on the pictures to see the listings. I also relisted the "Park Life" layout(it didn't sell last time).

Monday, March 13, 2006


My "Boys R Us" layout sold on Ebay!!! YAY!

Sunday, March 12, 2006


I've been busy trying to make a few layouts for ebay and here's my latest:
It's really a lot of fun because I get to try stuff I normally wouldn't. I've been wanting to use a Levi's label for a long time (saw the idea in a CK issue a while back). I had a pair my son had ripped the knee on, so I used them. I used the label for photo corners and a small tag. Then I got the idea to also use the belt loops. I love using clothing in a layout. I think it all came together nicely. I used some of the new Basic Grey papers. They are fabulous and I can really see myself using them for a lot of my photos, since the colors go well with most of my boys' clothes.
On a side note, I have 1 bid on one of my other layouts! Doing a happy dance!!! If I can start making some money, I will be able to quit myjob for sure. It's a boost for my confidence!

I tried actually on Tuesday to quit my job. Tried. They asked me if there was anything that might keep me from quitting. I told them it wasn't the work, but more that I really missed being at home, and being with my boys. The money has been nice, but I don't feel its worth the trade-off. Having a part-time job has felt so overwhelming to me, like 20 hours worth of extra work on top of everything else I do as a mom. I really don't feel like I'm being the best mom I can be.

So, my supervisor and I are going to discuss some options next week, like possibly working from home a little. It sure is a real compliment that they like me and don't want me to quit. Another boost for my confidence.


A few of Bodie's favorite words~
Blank: How he likes his hamburgers (plain).
Hooker: The place where you hang things, like a coat (hook).
Weepins: A delicious snack cracker (Wheat-Thins).
Arse: He knows what this means, but its sounds funny to him and not like a naughty word. He has been told he cannot say it again.

Thursday, March 9, 2006

Busy, busy, busy...

Wow! It's been a long time since I posted on here. First here are some pictures:

So here's the update.

A month ago, John got free tickets to the Timberwolves game. I went with the boys and John's dad, Roland. John had already made plans a month in advance to play poker with some friends, so he missed out. Boy, we had a good time. The seats were nice, and at $75 each something we could not afford. That made it even better. When the Timberwolves play, you have to howl like a wolf when the other team is making free throws. The boys absolutley loved that. NBA games are entertaining and I was very surprised the boys could sit there so long. So we now have 2 little T-wolves fans howling all the time at our house.

The following weekend, we went to the Cities for a getaway. We just celebrated our 10th anniversary in February, so we wanted to do something fun. John, his dad, and the boys went to see Monster Jam at the Metrodome, while Barbara and I went to the casino. Barbara walked out a winner with $70. I must have had a big "L" for loser on my forehead, cuz I didn't win anything (I lost $12). All boys , even the big ones, had a great time at Monster Jam. Bodie talks all the time about Gravedigger. "Mom, it was awesome," he says. Then he goes on and on about how the trucks jump and run over things and basically get destroyed. It was totally up his alley.

The next day we went to IKEA and then to Chuck E. Cheese. We all had a great time. I think its always nice when you can get away, even if its just overnight.

Also 2 weeks ago, Tye had a dance at school where he had to dress from a decade. We chose the 50's. ( See picture above) They played a lot of 50's music, and he learned to Hula hoop.

The past couple of weeks have not been so much fun. I have been fighting a cold, fevers, and the stomache flu. I felt horrible for almost 2 weeks. Luckily, John only caught the stomach flu from me and the boys are both still fine.

I feel like I'm 2 weeks behind now. I'm very tired this week trying to get caught up. I finally listed a few scrapbook pages on Ebay. Click on the picture to see the listing.

If all goes well, I may be able to make some $ on Ebay, and that would be great. I just love scrapbooking, and if I can get my name out there then I really think I could do well for myself. Wish me luck!