Wednesday, March 29, 2006


It's spring break here and the boys are off from school. John and I decided to take a couple days off from work to spend some time with them and that way Grandma doesn't have to keep both boys all week ( that might make her crazy). John took the boys today so Barbara and I could head over to Rochester. We just wanted to go to Hobby Lobby and a few other stores.
I stopped into the Salvation Army over there. This one has a separte store for big funiture and office stuff (desks, chairs, etc.) I found this:

Its for X-rays and came from either St, Mary's or the Mayo Clinic. they are re-vamping some of there floors there, so I scored this baby. Only $18!- $1 per section! Here she is all painted and ready for my scrapbook paper.

Th eslots are bigger than I thought, about 15" square. But it will work for what i need and keep me better organized!


FrogLegs said...

That is GREAT!!! :)

me said...

Congrats! That's awesome!

Deb said...


JK said...


I'm green with envy. ;)