Thursday, April 30, 2009

Sneak Peek for Tina

Her new baby boy...I love when I get a smile.

Saturday, April 25, 2009

Fall session- The Green Family

Last fall I had the privilege of meeting the Greens. They are all extremely nice, and seem to really enjoy being in each other's company. Maybe it was becasue their kids were older than other families I shoot, but I had so many of the large family group shots turn out perfectly during this session.

Isn't she gorgeous? I love the water in the background.
He sure had a time getting up the tree. It's a popular spot n the park for photos and the bark is very worn & slippery.

I love photos where boys hug their mothers. Maybe because I have boys. Maybe also because every time, after I shoot the hugging shot, boys also try to put their mom in a headlock :)

I love the sun in this one. It makes me smile.

Friday, April 24, 2009

Fall session-Jessica's family

You might recognize Jessica and her family from this blog. I have photographed them several times now. Jessica was kind enough to let me practice on her sister, her mother, and herself nearly 5 years ago when this whole photography thing was merely a twinkle in my eye. And I'm still suprised every time she calls me again for more photos. ("She likes me, she really likes me...").
Since I'm trying to get caught up on posting photos from last fall still, here's ur session from October. Jessica is a great mom and came very prepared, with lots of activities, like hula hooping and bubble blowing. Her husband, Andy is a pretty cool guy, too. I really had a lot of fun with all of them on our outing in the park.

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

*Put me in coach, I'm ready to play*

Last weekend I went down to the Dubuque/Galena area for the weekend. I spent most of it hanging out and scrapbooking with friends. But, I also finally got the chance to see my little brother play baseball. Since we didn't grow up in the same house, I didn't get to go to his little league games or anything like that. I've tried to see him play for Dubuque since he started going there, but something has always come up at the last minute. Once, I got a nail in my tire on the way out of town to Dubuque.
Since he's a senior and about to graduate, I knew I had to see him play, now or never. I'm so glad I was able to last week. The weather was perfect and he couldn't have pitched better! I got some great shots of him I'd like to share...

Cousin Hannah

When we were down in Texas over Spring Break, I was able to get some picture of John's cousin, Hannah. She's a teenager now, which freaks me out a bit, because she was just a baby when I first met her, just before John and I got married. I can't believe how quickly time has past. She's a volleyball playing, horse riding beauty, and is the spitting image of her grandmother at this same age.

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Eric + Julie

Do you want to see one of the cutest couples ever? Meet Eric & Julie...

I met Eric about a year and a half ago, and you might recognize him from the images at the top of the blog (he's the one walking with the 2 girls). When you meet him, you know immediately he's one of the world's nicest guys. This past fall, I went out to his home for another photoshoot with Eric & his girls and met Julie (I still haven't posted the photos from that shoot, but will soon, I promise). Although he introduced her as his "friend", I knew right away there was something more there. He was obviously smitten.
Just after the shoot, Eric proposed to her, and they were married Valentine's Day. Here is a glimpse of their day, starting with Julie being laced into her beautiful dress.

Getting her pearls on...

We were able to snap a few photos before the ceremony of the wedding party.
Eric with his groomsmen...
Julie with the kids in the bridal party...
Here she is walking down the aisle...
Julie presented both of her new step-daughters with a necklace during the ceremony...
and the girls presented her with a ring...
and then they prayed...
A friend lent Julie a gorgeous cape to wear. Not only did it look great, but it was very needed. It was so cold & breezy that day! But we got some great shots just outside the church...

This last one is my favorite of the day. I love the sweet expression on her face and they both look so happy (and I love the sun flare from the cold Minnesota winter sunset!).
Thanks again for letting me be a part of your day you two!