Monday, October 25, 2010

Leila - Senior 2011

Here are some of my favorites from Leila's session. She and her mom were great to work with and had so many great ideas of what they wanted. We had to beat out a storm to get them but it was worth it.

Libby - Senior 2011 and finally getting settled.

I really am here I promise, and working on photos. I have been frantically trying to finish up all the seniors' photos since they need to have them in next week. I was so fortunate to photograph a lot of seniors this year, and they are always my favorite kind of shoot. But with th move I fell behind on editing.
I just finished Libby's photos early last week. She was wonderful to work with, and so naturally radiant.

We are really enjoying the new house. The boys were anxious about the whole move but have really handled it well. They were worried about not seeing old friends, but we have had lots of sleep overs so far. Most of the house is put together, but I have a lot of boxes yet in the garage to sort through. It will get done someday. But back to editing for now...

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

We Moved!

We finally got everything moved and are in the new house. I just got internet and email back yesterday. It was like I was a crack addict going through withdraw without it!
Also, since our phone is diconnected, you can reach me by email at or cell phone at 507-676-4228.
Now, back to editing photos...