Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Trip Out West: Day 3 - Colorado

Today we headed down to Fort Collins to pick up Lorraine  Nicki, and then to Estes Park.

The boys were amazed by the mountains.
Later we headed to town for lunch and an old-timey photo. The boys looked incredible in their gear.

We headed back up the mountain and saw some elk on the way and got very close to the continental divide.

On the way back to Fort Collins we stopped by a stream for a few more shots. Bodie and Johan fell in but we got some great photos.

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Trip Out West: Day 2 - Wyoming

After finally making it to Cheyenne, we headed out in the morning to see a bit of Cheyenne, Crystal Resevoir, Veedauwoo, and Laramie.
We climbed lots of rocks and took lots of photos. I got a cactus to the hand, but had a blast playing around with the kids in a place I used to play as a kid.  
Johan was able to use his ipad to Skype with his dad back home in Denmark. We all thought it was really cool that his dad, Steven, could experience driving up the Rocky Mountain with Johan for the first time. It's amazing how technology has transformed out world.
Tye and Bodie at the Summit before we headed down to Laramie.
 We drove past the home John and I shared in Laramie where we first brought Tye home from the hospital. I remember at the time thinking it was small, but it was pretty comforable for our small family of 3. After seeing it all these years later, I cannot believe we ever fit into that little shoebox of a house!

Trip Out West: Day 1 - South Dakota

Our journey to show Johan and the boys the wonders of the old west started Monday after school. We drove as far as we could and stopped for the night. We got up early the next day and got back on the road headed for Wall Drug. Johan cannot stand all the driving we do here, but he is entertained with his new ipad and the boys have their ipods & videos games to keep them busy. Finally we arrived at Wall Drug!

They rode a giant Jackalope!
And fearing we wouldn't see any wild horses, they settled for a wild ride on the merry-go-round.
 We had some lunch inside and horsed around a bit more before we hopped back in the car to Rapid City and Mount Rushmore.  It wasn't nearly as big as I remembered it as a kid, but I still thought it was pretty cool and the kids really seemed to have fun taking photos and posing with the presidents.
On our way out we stopped and saw some mountain goats...
...and posed for a few more fun photos.

Afterwards, there were some shenanigans on the road. Bodie had a lesson on not peeing into the wind on the side of the road in the middle of nowhere. When we stopped in Lusk to eat dinner at the only place in town (Subway), Johan got a bloody nose and dropped his pants in the parking lot for laughs. There has been lots of laughter in the car which balanced out all the whining about how far we have to go. 
 On our way into Wyoming I snapped this shot of the horizon.  

Wednesday, October 5, 2011


John's nephew is almost 10 months old. I haven't done photos for him since he was born, so Grandma Barbara brought him out for a shoot today. Thanks to my friend, Melanie, for helping out. This first outfit was his daddy's when he was this size.