Sunday, January 28, 2007

Cold Mountain

So I celebrated the first anniversary of my 29th birthday this week (that's what my dad called it). It was nice, pretty uneventful. Barbara made us a nice dinner, and I got a few gifts. Lots of love.
We have also been sledding all week. John found a great hill on his route. It's not too tough for the kids to climb up. And the snow is nice and packed down, so it's very slick. They seem to shoot across the field at the bottom. We were out there today with my sister, Mal. It was very cold, about 8 degrees. I caught some fun pictures though!

Static Empire Photos

Last Thursday, John and I went to Rochester to see our friends in Static Empire play. I took photos for them again. Here are a few...

Monday, January 22, 2007

29 things about me on my last day of being 29

1. I will be 30 tomorrow.
2. I am not ready to leave my 20’s
3. I still haven’t accepted the fact I’m not 17 anymore
4. I can’t sleep unless I have at least 3 pillows
5. I have to have 2 blankets too
6. My eyes are blue
7. I spend way too much time on the computer
8. I have huge hands and feet
9. I love scrapbooking
10. I love photography
11. I hope to make some money doing #9 or #10 someday
12. I still miss Denmark and my host family
13. I still can speak Danish, but only broken Danish, with an Aarhus-ian accent, complicated with a thick American accent. Ok, more than likely a 18 month old Danish baby speak better Danish than me.
14. I love The Office
15. I check my email every morning as soon as I get up, even though there is generally nothing exciting in it
16. I am the oldest of all my siblings
17. I had a class with my husband in the 7th grade, but we didn’t really know each other
18. I hate making dinner
19. I have panic attacks and bouts of depression sometimes, but haven’t had either in a while
20. I have watched The Young and The Restless since I was a small child, and watch it everyday still.
21. I eat too much cereal.
22. I can remember phone numbers, lots of them. It’s freaky.
23. I don’t wear makeup very often.
24. I don’t sing unless I’m totally by myself.
25. I have 2 tattoos
26. My middle name is my grandma’s middle name (Reone).
27. I have had 4 kidney stones, my gall bladder out, and broke my arm twice.
28. I want to be a good mom
29. I love my kids, probably too much

Friday, January 19, 2007

Back to life...Back to reality

We have had a bad week with a cold virus in this house.
Tye woke up last Friday with a fever and stayed home from school. Friday was also the first day of Bodie's new weekly Kindergarten prep class. I gave Tye some Tylenol and took him to Grandma's, while Bodie and I headed to class. When we got back, he wasn't any better. 102 degree temperature all day. By Friday night, Bodie was coming down with it too. They were both on the couch, sick all weekend.
I fell to the dreaded bug on Sunday night, and remained on couch til Wednesday.As the boys got better, I felt worse. It snowed a lot Monday, and Tuesday was very cold. When Tye left for the school bus, it was -20 degrees below zero. Why they didn't cancel school, I don't know. I felt so bad sending him out, but I made him wear his snowsuit, a ski mask, with hat over that, and his double layer winter coat. He said it was still so cold he could hardly make it there. I would have taken him, but Bodie and I were still sick with fevers. And of course, that day John had to be at work 6:30, so he couldn't either.
John was the only one who didn't get it. Lucky Duck. Bodie was up a lot last night with the lingering cough, and was still coughing this morning, so we skipped the Kindergarten prep class today. We don't want to be responsible for making the whole class sick.
We are mostly better now though, so its back to reality for us. Today we got outside for some sledding.

Saturday I did go to the Tri M crop (check out the new blog I'm working on here). I started to make this litle mailbox and finished it up that night. It's one of those Target Dollar spot finds, and I got a few to make for Valentine's gifts. Very fun and easy to make.

I also wanted to play photographer, so I tried some fun candy shots. It is so nice to get off that couch and play!

Thursday, January 4, 2007

Two Classes

Occaisionally, I get to teach at a local scrapbook store. I love scrapbooking and sharing projects I've discovered or created with others. If you are interested in learning something fun, come join us! (Details are subject to change, but I will update if this happens)
Valentine's Exploding Box Class- February 1, 2007 6:30-8:30 pm at Tri M Graphics in Owatonna
Come join us to make this fun gift! You will learn to put together this "exploding" box that falls open to reveal 20 photos or love notes. We will also use the new Cricut machine to make the tags on the lid. A sample is available at the store for preview. Call 507-451-3920 today to register or for more details.

Photo Puzzle- February 7, 2007 6:30-8:00 pm at Tri M Graphics in Owatonna
Transform a simple wooden puzzle in this fun and easy project. It is a great way to feature photos in a unique way. Space is very limited! Call 507-451-3920 today to register or for more details.

Puzzle based on project by Tammy Tutterow.

Wednesday, January 3, 2007

Monday, January 1, 2007

Happy Birthday and Happy New Year

Tye turned 8 today. We took him to his favorite Mexican restaurant for dinner. And he was spoiled rotten with gifts, as usual.
I can't believe I am a mother to an 8 year old. I was thinking today about what a great kid he really is and how having him has made me a better person. He has taught me to be kind, selfless, a teacher, more mature and responsible, and how to give a hug with more love than I could have imagined I could have. That is a great gift.