Thursday, March 16, 2006

Snow Day

Yesterday was a Snow Day again for the boys. I had to work so they spent the day at grandma's. I don't know who got the short end of the stick. Who wouldn't want to spend all day with this?

Wednesday was a very hard day for us. I had to take Tye in to the doctor. He's been having accidents in his pants alot lately and Tuesday it happened at school. I just wanted to make sure nothing was physically wrong with him. As she asked him questions about what he feels and when he has to go he started sobbing. My heart broke for him. It was so hard (on both of us). I jsut want to do whatever it takes for him to get over this. I know he will more than likely grow out of it, but I want to save him the embarrassment, especially at school. She prescribed him ditropan and we are trying to get him to go more often, so hopefully that will help.Tye is staying overnight at his best friend's house tonight and is so excited.

I posted a few more layouts on Ebay. These were ones I did this fall, and I figured I should try to sell them while I create my next "masterpiece." Click on the pictures to see the listings. I also relisted the "Park Life" layout(it didn't sell last time).


JK said...

Hey! I remember that Happiness page kit, Skye. I used it with my pics in MY scrapbook. Maybe I should post a pic to show you how CUTE it looks. :)

-Jenny K.

Anonymous said...

Hello Skye.. loved your blog and pictures and info on your two gorgeous sons... I am jealous of those shelves,they were so cheap.. i could really do with those.. keep up the good work. hugs Henny PCD group