Sunday, March 12, 2006


I've been busy trying to make a few layouts for ebay and here's my latest:
It's really a lot of fun because I get to try stuff I normally wouldn't. I've been wanting to use a Levi's label for a long time (saw the idea in a CK issue a while back). I had a pair my son had ripped the knee on, so I used them. I used the label for photo corners and a small tag. Then I got the idea to also use the belt loops. I love using clothing in a layout. I think it all came together nicely. I used some of the new Basic Grey papers. They are fabulous and I can really see myself using them for a lot of my photos, since the colors go well with most of my boys' clothes.
On a side note, I have 1 bid on one of my other layouts! Doing a happy dance!!! If I can start making some money, I will be able to quit myjob for sure. It's a boost for my confidence!

I tried actually on Tuesday to quit my job. Tried. They asked me if there was anything that might keep me from quitting. I told them it wasn't the work, but more that I really missed being at home, and being with my boys. The money has been nice, but I don't feel its worth the trade-off. Having a part-time job has felt so overwhelming to me, like 20 hours worth of extra work on top of everything else I do as a mom. I really don't feel like I'm being the best mom I can be.

So, my supervisor and I are going to discuss some options next week, like possibly working from home a little. It sure is a real compliment that they like me and don't want me to quit. Another boost for my confidence.

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Rockester said...

First of all, good for you for saying what you need in terms of work and family. I remember how hard it was to be a young mom with small kids. Even with a great hubby, those years can pull you in many directions. take my word, Ebay can be a great solution. But you have to create well, create fast, and be disciplined. Keep email folders for each item on sale and keep all records.
Second of all, your 100 % boy page set is wonderful! You are definitely on the style track you need to be for ebay. Good luck!