Sunday, April 30, 2006

Officially a Soccer Mom

Tomorrow is Tye's first game. I hope he doesn't get rained out. It's been raining here all weekand and he is so excited. He looks pretty cute in his gear, especially the shin guards.
I have been busy this week, aside from soccer practice, and work. I finished 2 layouts and 2 altered lunchboxes. I made 1 lunchbox, then was comissioned to make another for a wedding gift. Here is the Recipe Box I made using the new Crate paper for the gift. I haven't taken pictures of the other one yet.

The other night Bodie had and accident in his pants. The thought he just had to fart, but got a suprise intstead. He was mortified! I tried to calm him, telling him it happens to everyone sometime. I told him there was even a funny name for it- a shart (shit+fart= shart). I told him he could not repeat those words, but the accident was not something to worry about.

The next day, he tells his grandma and Uncle James he had an accident the night before.

"When you were sleeping?", she asked.

"No." Then a slight pause. "Grandma, do you know what happens when you fart and shit?"

Grandma and James are curious.

"You get a SHARK!" Grandma and James laugh so hard they almost have and accident. He had a shark in his pants.

I think something gets lost in the translation.

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