Sunday, May 7, 2006


Tye had his first soccer game yesterday finally, and they won. Tye did a great job. One funny moment: Tye and the 2 other boys on defense were so busy hi-fiving each other because they kept the ball away from the goal, they weren't paying attention and the ball came back and the other team almost scored. It was cute.
John and I left the kids with the grandparents last night and headed up to the Twins game. I haven't been since about 1985 and it was John's first time to see the Twins. We went with my sisters and a couple of their friends, Nicki and Brandon. It was Lorraine's 21st birthday. We stayed overnight and went to the Mall of America today. I was glad because I got to stop in Archivers and do a couple of make and takes for National Scrapbooking weekend. I also got a couple of new shirts for work. Good weekend.

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