Saturday, June 10, 2006

Stoned and trippin'

This vacation sure didn't start out as planned. I ended up in the ER the night before we planned to leave with another kidney stone. This time it is bigger than any I've had yet, and they kept me in overnight. I was in so much pain. I really hate these things. I was put on an IV with a drip, so I was comfortably drugged up all night. I was getting very worried though that I would have to miss this trip.
We have been planning this for months, and I already had a bad Thanksgiving and Christmas from stones. I decided I would just buck up and tough it out in the car. I didn't have anything packed when the hospital released me Wednesday afternoon. John helped me throw a bunch of stuff together and we were on the road about 3 hours behind schedule.
We spent 2 and a half days in the car, but are finally in Charlotte. The boys were very good for having to sit so long. Thank God for DVD players. John's uncles from Texas are here too, and Jessica's graduation is Monday. This should be a fun weekend! We will spend 3 more days here before we head up to Virginia to visit my dad. In the mean time, I will try to enjoy the company here and get rid of this stone.

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Isabel's Mommy said...

Why do you get them so frequently? The kidney stones that is....