Tuesday, August 22, 2006

New Hero

1. This lady(link) is my new Hero. I cannot belive the strength some women have. I cannot imagine having to be this strong for my child.

2. I am really trying hard to be a better photgrapher. I love photography and have ever since I was Yearbook Photography Editor (lame I know) sophmore year. I need some practice subjects. I made up 2 business cards, and now I need to post them around town. Hopefully I will get some seniors to shoot.

3. Here are a few portraits of Tye I have been meaning to post. He looks so grown up. I love his style, mismatched shoes.

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Mrs Smarty Pants said...

Thank you SOO much :)

it's funny - people always ask me why I stop to take pictures .. (in one of the pics you can even see one of the flight paramedics looking at me like WTF?) - it acutally 'relaxes' me .. gives me something to focus on and control.

At the point when I pulled my camera out of my purse (I carry my P&S with me everywhere) I was no longer allowed to be by my son's side .. they needed to 'tend' to him - so I kept myself "busy" (as opposed to throwing myself on top of him and screaming that no one was taking my baby without me) ;)

Thank you for your kind words - ;) you made my night !