Sunday, December 31, 2006

Happy Holidays!

We had a great Christmas here. Everyone got lots of gifts, the food was plentiful, and everyone was healthy and happy.
Christmas Eve, we let the boys each open a gift. Tye opened his new 20Q game and loved it. Bodie opened a Tonka playset, a jeep pulling a trailer with an ATV on it, then proceeded to fall to the floor in disgust. We all thought he was joking. He was not. He grumbled for a few mintues, and I asked him what was wrong. "I DON"T LIKE TONKA STUFF! I ONLY LIKE HOTWHEELS." It was hilarious. He is so his father's son. It's all about brand name. (He did finally play with it after I threatened to give it away, then decided he really did like it.)
Christmas morning had an early 6:00 am start, but I told the boys they couldn' t open gifts until 7:00 am so they sat there patiently watching the clock. But at 7 am sharp, wrapping paper went flying. Bodie got some items from his wish list, andTye got 3 Nintendo DS games and a DS Case. Tye did not have a DS but it was at the top of his list.

I don't think he knew what to do.
Tye: I have 3 games and a case, but no DS. This is crazy.
Me: Well, maybe you'll get one for your birthday.
Tye then proceeds to frown playfully. A note is found on the tree next. It is from SANTA who each year send the boys on a hunt for their gifts. He has hidden clues all around the house for them to find. Bodie got a Hot Wheels Radar gun and Tye got...........suprise...... A DS!

He played the DS all day and when we took Mallory to Iowa the next day, he played it almost the whole way down and back. Finally, on Wednesday, as I was sick in bed, he let me play. That thing rocks. John and I fight over who get to play it when the boys go to bed. We just play Super Mario Brothers, but it has a lot of cool mini-games on it, so it was well worth the money. I tried to play the regular gameboy the other day, but that sucks to play now after seeing the bright, clear graphics of the DS. We may have to get another one soon.

Also, just before the Holidays, My little brother Gene got engaged to his long-time girlfriend. I am very happy for them. Notice the ring in the bottom corner of the picture. They don't have a date set yet, but they always planned to take a honeymoon to the Price is Right. They better get moving before Bob Barker retires. Congratulations you 2!

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