Thursday, June 28, 2007

Berry Good

I love picking the raspberries in our garden. The man who lived here before us had planted them. I am totally not a green thumb, but somehow we always end up with buckets of raspberries every summer.
This year they ripened very early. We have had a lot of very warm days here in Minnesota, too many for June. Normally, I get one or two berries by July 4th. But this already this week, we've had bowls full.

I usually go out after dinner to pick, right at sunset. I put on lots of bug spray, because the mosquitos love to hide in the bushes.
As it turn over the vines, searching for ripe berries, I let my mind wander. I get very lost in thought. I don't think I give myself enough time to just get lost in thought. For me the picking of the berries is like therapy. Its nice, quiet time. I think we could all use more quiet time.

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