Monday, August 13, 2007

We got our own Joe Mauer (x2)

Last weekend we went to the Twins game again. The boys waited in line to get signatures from some of the pitchers.
Here is Tye with Matt Garza:

Here is Boof Bonser asking Bodie if it takes a long time to make the mohawk he is sporting. Boof seemed to think it was pretty cool:

And in this second picture, please notice Bodie is holding his new Joe Mauer doll (he got both pitchers to sign it for him). They gave them way to kids at the game, so both boys got one. I think both were a little worried they might lose them to Aunt Rainey, who needs something to cuddle with at night, hahaha:)
Also, the Twins won again. We are 6-0 for wins in the games we have attended. They win every time. Just imagine how great they would do if we could afford season tickets!

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