Thursday, April 3, 2008

RME & Goodies

First, just a quick note and plea... I sign up for Revolution Money Exchange (RME) the other day because they have a great offer right now, through April 15th. RME is trying to be the next Paypal, and is trying to get people to sign up. They are offering $25 to anyone who signs up and $10 (up to $500/month) for any friend referral. I was skeptical, but I couldn't find anything negative about them on the net. So I signed up and yesterday I received over $100 in my checking account. Obviously, I would love to get more friend referrals, so if it sounds interesting to you, please click the button below!
Refer A Friend using Revolution Money Exchange

Now on to the goods. I have created some new LightRoom Presets. The sample is below. I'm really happy with how these turned out and used a couple of them on the previous maternity post. I am posting them free until tomorrow at 8pm CST. After that, I will be charging $5 for the set, payable through Paypal or RME. Although I would love to always give them away, the DH is on my case about money these days, and I thought this might be a way to help out a bit. So, anyway, here is the link which will be valid until 8pm CST Friday night.
LINK EXPIRED- Please contact me at if you are interested in purchasing the presets. Please include whether you would like to be billed the $5.00 fee through Paypal or RME. I will email the presets to you as soon as payment clears.


everydayRANDOM said...

Skye, love the presets but I can't seem to download a RAR file in LR. I have all your other presets and LOVE them. Any suggestions? TIA...

Angie said...

I have a question too. I have your Retro Wash that was free for download off the 2peas site long time ago. Now I am trying to download another set of actions, but can't seem to get them to open up in elements. I can't even find where my Retro wash is saved. Any ideas. The action is still under my special effects pallete but when I go looking for where it is saved I can't find it. Help if you get a chance. P.S. I love your work!