Thursday, May 15, 2008

What kind of mom... I? According to

Take this test!
You are Roseanne Connor from Roseanne. You've probably got a sarcastic streak, and you may take some pleasure in embarrassing your brood. But ultimately, your kids know that when they really, really, really need to talk about something, you will listen...eventually. Truth is, you tend to see things from their points of view; you just don't like to let them in on that until necessary.
That's your little secret. And while it may not be your style (or fit your schedule) to compulsively whip up a batch of chocolate chip cookies, if your kids want to microwave some popcorn and watch TV with you, there's always room on the couch, and even on your lap.

This is funny, because Roseanne was and still is probably my favorite show! I always loved how real it seemed, and am honored to be a "Roseanne" to my kids!


Isabel's Mommy said...

I am Marge Simpson.

Jess said...

ROFL, too cool! I am Lorelai Gilmore from the Gilmore Girls. Pretty kewl! :)