Thursday, September 4, 2008

It's Back to School Time!

And I'm doing a happy little jig! This was the beautiful sight that brought a small, joyful tear to my eye Tuesday morning:

Here they are in the new duds. Apparently choosing the right outfits for the first day is still as important as when I was a kid.
Between the sibling rivalry, the cries of "I'm bored", and the two little dirt tornados that kept tearing up the house, I'm very relieved school is back in session. They both are in school full days now. So I get 8 hours all to myself. Ok, well not quite, yet. It's still a been a busy week for me and I have been running errands non-stop. But next week will be much better.
And just for the record, Tye is increasingly becoming embarassed by me. When I grabbed the camera to get the shot of the walking to the bus stop, he looked at me, totally disgusted, and said "You're not going to walk down there with us, are you?"
No, I'm saving that for when you start Junior High, my son.

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