Friday, September 25, 2009

Editing away....Update

***I am considering my calender as COMPLETELY BOOKED for 2009 at this point. Please let me know if you would like to be on a wait list for any cancellations I might have.***

I have edited 3 sessions this week and am very close to finishing up a wedding I shot back in August. I am about a week & a half behind on my editing schedule right now. I hope to catch up soon, but I really appreciate everyone's patience.
I've heard some questions about why it takes me several weeks to get photos back to my subjects. I thought I might give some insight into the process I go through after a session.
1. I usually download the entire session to my computer within 24 hrs. of the session. I back it up on my hard drive, too, just in case. I then give them a qick peek to make sure I didn't screw them up royally :)
2. I usually wait at least a week before I sort through the photos. Some sessions can have up to 300 photos (up to 1200 for a wedding). I want to give myself some time & distance from the session so I can be objective and really choose the best photos.
I have been trying to give at least some sneak peeks on the blog or Facebook, too. I try to pick the top 5 or so from the session when I do the first sort through.
3. I try my best to edit sessions according to the date I take them. Occassionally I'll have someone who needs their photos back early for one reason or another (like seniors who have a due date for their yearbook photos). Then I have to try to squeeze that session in a little earlier than I might have intended. Usually it's not a big deal and I can catch back up quickly.
4. Now for the editing...
Its not just about removing a blemish or two. Sometimes it much more than that. I color correct the skin from any color cast, like green under the chin from grass below, to the blue grey color left in the entire photo from shooting in the shade, like the sample below. Also in the sample below, I removed the pink strap from her shoulder. Sometimes I smooth skin & wrinkles. The trick is to make it so you won't notice the chages and editing I do.
I then try to make the photo look vibrant, juicy with color, and like something I would want to hang on my own wall...

5. When I'm satisfied with result, I save the color version. Then I make the conversions necessary for Black & White and Sepia versions (sometimes more versions). Sometimes I make extras, like Grad Open House Cards, Christmas Cards, etc. But I only do the extras if I have time, which lately I don't. I then save all the photos to a disc. I also make a slideshow which can take anywhere from a half hour to 3 hours.
6. Oh, one more thing. I do have something that resembles a life. I have kids, a husband, dogs, a part-time job, and a house that desperately needs cleaning. And once in a while I like to watch a TV show , though, honestly, most of the TV I watch I don't really watch. I literally sit at the computer editing and listen to the shows. I could tell you who's who on the Young & the Restless just by the sound of their voice :)
If dinner would just magically make itself and the bathrrom was self cleaning, I might never get behind on my editing.
I hope that gives everyone some insight as to my process and why I do take several weeks to get you photos back to you. I try my best to accomodate everyone, and in return, I truly appreciate everyone's patience. I'm going to try to get some of the shots from the 3 sessions and the wedding up sometime in the next couple of weeks, so check back soon!

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