Sunday, September 6, 2009

This weekend so far...

I got to finally get the 35mm F/18 lens for my Nikon on Friday. I've been waiting for it since its release this spring.
Then we went to the Mall of America with Gene & Lara, just to browse, shop, & hangout.
Lara & the boys but on a concert in Best Buy. Bodie has been walking aroound singing "Yellow Submarine" ever since.

*We went through a new mirror maze at MOA. I felt really dumb because we got lost at least twice. I could feel us walking in circles.

At the end they had a funhouse mirror.

Unfortunately, our bunny died on Saturday. She went into her hut earlier in the week & wouldn't come out to eat or drink. The boys and John made her a nice headstone by the tree in the backyard.

In the afternoon we went to my Grandma & Granda Meyer's house for a get-together. We had a blast. It was so relaxed and a gorgeous day.
Tye with a mouthful...
I think Bodie had dessert at least 3 times.
Tye git a pitching lesson from Uncle Gene. He really learned a lot. Gene is really great at explaing the physics of pitching and had lots of patience with Tye.
Then he had to school Bodie on how to jump his bike.
Lara went for a cruise too.
Then we played Ladder Golf the rest of the afternoon.

Lara was very "happy". When she asked Tye to fetch her more wine, he asked her how she "drank a half a bag already?" It was hilarious. She had just finished saying how nice and polite my boys were.
I tried to get a few photos of my grandparents. Lokk how blue my grandma's eyes are here. They look just like I remember her dad's eyes. almost too icy blue to be real.
Her hair is snow white like his was, too.
Grandpa was in a great mood yesterday. I think he really loves all the socalizing & game playing.

My grandparents used to have horses on thier farm. Now, since they are gone most of the year to Arizona, they don't have any. They are letting one of the neighbors keep some cattle at their place to keep the grass in the fields down. So I got to practice photographing the cows. I think I'll stick with people.
Bodie took a very nice shot of me with the new lens. Ifinally colored my hair again this weekend, too.

I love the evening sunlight in early September.
Today we just relaxed. I had a senior photoshoot & got bitten by way too many mosquitos. I think I ate at least one. It was horrible. The senior, Kelcie, did a great job though, dispite being eaten alive. I think her photos will be wonderful.
Tomorrow is the last day of summer with my boys before school starts.

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