Friday, October 16, 2009

Woe is me

My computer is...broken. Not dead, yet. Just broken.
I crashed 2 days ago. And I was really on a roll, too. In the 2 days before, I had finshed editing 3 sessions in record time. I just needed to burn them to disk.
I am really pretty handy when it comes to this sort of tech-y stuff. I am known to some in my family as "Nick Burns, your company's computer guy" (SNL fans will get that joke).
But when I looked up the error message I am getting, the term I keep reading all over Google is not a good one. They call the error....are you ready for this?....The Blue Screen of Death or BSOD for short.
Not good, right? So I ran through all the procedures I could find and nothing worked. So I called HP for support. They told me my warranty expired just over a month ago. I paid a nice chunk of change for them to tell me try everything I had already tried, to no avail. Nice.
My father-in-law help me figure out that the hard drive is still good, but the thing just won't boot. My recovery disks are apparently bad, so I had to pay a little more to HP so they can take their sweet time to send me new disks.
In the mean time the in-laws are being very gracious, letting me pry open their nearly new computer, and put in my hard drive. It works, so I'm happy. I can still use all my files, nothing is lost other than time. None of my photo sessions were lost, nor were my edits.
I will still be able to work on photos once I can get all my programs installed on their computer. So all is not lost and I am not nearly so woe as I was 2 days ago, even though I am typing this from the dinosaur-aged computer in our basement.
Thank you everyone for your patience!

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