Friday, February 19, 2010

Some random daily life stuff

A couple of weeks ago, I finally decided to make eye appointments for my self and the boys (john just had his checked in the fall). The day of our appointments, the boys had no school because we had several inches of snow. Their weekend ended up as a 4 day weekend, which is way too long for any mom to be snowbound, trapped in the house with energetic kids.
So we ventured out into the snow. Good thing we did. Not only was I told I am really not supposed to drive without glasses, both boys found out they needed them for reading. Here are their new specs...

This last weekend the boys had another 4 day weekend, this time due to conferences and President's Day. That means I have to find more activities to keep them from cries of boredom. Bodie and I decided to do a mini photo shoot of our pups, Millie & Tillie.
We had not taken a good photo of Tillie ( our black and tan Dachshund) since she was a puppy. And we had never gotten a good shot of Millie since we adopted her. At least now we have one decent portrait of each of them.
Then we went ice skating, which I am surprisingly not too shabby doing. Our friend, Melanie, snapped a photo of the boys racing against me.
And I didn't fall on my butt once. No, really.

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