Monday, September 6, 2010

End of Summer

Tonight is the end of summer. Goodbye to laying around, doin' nothin', and being bored. Tomorrow my boys head back to school. Tye will be at Willow Creek this year, and Bodie stays in the Montessori program but moves to E2. Both boys are excited, especially Tye. He's really nervous, too. He is entering a new place not knowing anyone in his class yet. He might have one girl from Montessori in there, but we just don't know yet. Hopefully he will at least have some boys from this past baseball season on his team.
We have spent a lot of time at the ball field this summer. Bodie played on the Tigers, and Tye was on a Yankee, much to his chagrin. As a Twins fan, I have raised him to despise the Yankees. To make things worse, he got Derek Jeter's number. But he loves playing baseball, so it didn;t stop him. He played with a traveling team this spring, then had his last year of Little League, and is still playing fall tournaments. He has improved so much this summer and this Sunday he hit an "infield" grand slam! Such a proud moment.Two big highlights of the summer were a visit from Glen, Tina, & Hayden from Texas, our trip to Chicago. We hope to see more family in Texas next summer and are definitely planning to head back to Chicago. We didn't see nearly enough of the city.
We also decided to move! We found a house just north of town and are all very excited about it. It's everything we need and want, with an acre and a half to play. We are able to start moving in about 2 weeks! I can't wait to share more about it, but in the meantime I have to get back to packing in between all the editing I have to catch up on...

I have so much more to share soon, including some of the many sessions I have yet to post!

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