Saturday, September 18, 2010

Nora's Family

I am finally feeling slightly better. I crawled out of the bed I've been living in for two days, to get out and get some errand and more packing done. I finished up 2 sessions, delivered the Randall wedding photos, shot some commisioned stuff, packed 6 more boxes, sorted through all my clothes and purged a lot, and prepped this one from last month for blogging before I hit the bed again.
Nora and her family got a beautiful early August evening for their photographs.

This little guy I think was separated at birth from his twin, my son Bodie. Their personalities and actions are almost identical. Even down to how they describe how cool bike crashes would be.

So we decided to take this photo on a usually desolate road. But everytime they got ready, another car would come by kicking up dust. Finally, I just took the photo and edited out the car.

I'm so glad we took this one on one of my favorite walls downtown. They people who own the building are patching all the cracks and painting it a boring brown color. No more grungy goodness.
And my favorite...

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