Thursday, June 7, 2012


Three photographers and myself are looking to reward one special senior with a chance to be photographed by all of us. We are looking for someone who deserves to be rewarded for hard work, heroism, selflessness, academics, or is just a great person to all. So nominate a senior on this blog post, or on facebook. Also check out the pages of the other photographers and show them some love:
Kelly Gentz Photography
Kellie Steele Photography
Stryking Images Photography

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Anonymous said...

A Special Senior…
I would like to nominate my daughter, Brigitte Paulson for the “Special Senior” Contest. She is the most amazing young woman. She will graduate in 2013.
Brigitte was born 10 weeks early, weighing 3lbs 3/4oz. She struggled to breath, to maintain her body temperature, and was not mature enough to have the instinct to suck. She was in the hospital for 2 months. She is a survivor. No matter what happens she is always pushing herself through it.
Brigitte is kind, humble, caring, sensible, and smart. She has been on the National Honor Society since her sophomore year. She has received a number of awards for leadership and achievement. All of these have been due to hard work and perseverance.
Whenever someone congratulates her for an honor, she brushes it aside, saying anyone and everyone can do this. When I returned to college, she was in third grade, she was my biggest cheerleader, writing me notes like “you can do it”, “You are the best mom in the whole wide world”, etc. It really helped me not feel so guilty being so busy and it got me through some major tests and presentations.
She volunteers at our church for the nursery and vacation bible school (she loves kids), goes on mission trips to help others, walks dogs at the humane society and helps around the house.
Brigitte’s future plans are to attend college for journalism. It will be very hard for me when she graduates next year, because she makes me laugh and feel much loved with all her hugs.
Please consider Brigitte for your “Special Senior” contest.
I want to thank you for providing this contest, so I have a chance to brag about my daughter and to say thank you for your profession. I know all of you are very talented photographers after looking at your websites and having Skye’s the Limit photography take pictures of my family. I appreciate that you have the gift to capture the best of our loved ones. It is through your skill that we can share and have memories of special moments in our lives.
Thank you!
Renee Paulson