Friday, March 23, 2007

Muddy Fun

Spring Break Day 1
Today was the first day of Spring Break for the boys. Today is the end of quarter, and they have all next week off, too. We went out to Kerri's today, so the boys could play with her 3 boys. They had a blast. It was 60 degrees and wonderful! Almost all the snow has melted, creating lots of mud. I am so exhausted from tramping through all of it.

Yes, that is Kerri on one of her boys' bikes.

Tye really likes babies, so he wanted to carry the littlest one around. Then he realized how heavy babies can be and promptly gave him back.

Tye and H wanted to snap a couple of pictures. H mostly took pics around the property (the shed, the wood, the field, and such), but Tye was shooting something different. There were no less than 20 pictures just of Bodie's rear-end! (notice I made him his own watermark, PhoTYEgraphy)

He did capture this shot though. I think its so cool!

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