Thursday, June 26, 2008

He faced his fear

Last week when Tye's coach asked him to play catcher, he politely declined.
When Tye's coach told him tonight he was going to play catcher, he immediately broke down. I felt so bad for him.
Last year, he played catcher. Things went really well, at first.
Then he took a pitch to the groin. He was wearing a cup, but apparently it wasn't enough. Being a girl I wouldn't know. But it was obviously painful, since he fell over in a heap.
Even though he was clearly upset tonight, he tried to catch anyway. And I couldn't be prouder of him. He faced a big fear for such a small guy.
His coach was really great about it, and stayed near him the whole time. He showed him how to squat correctly, how to postion the glove, throwing arm tucked behind the back, etc.

After a few pitches, he was fine. He did take a pitch to the gut, but with the pads he didn't even notice. He even said he enjoyed it and would play catcher again.

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