Monday, June 16, 2008

I'm here, I promise

I'm really here, just also really busy. The boys are both out of school now, and both playing baseball. I'm a co-coach for Bodie's team, and Tye has a game and a practice each once a week. Tye is also taking violin and loving it! Fortunately, we are able to do some carpooling, otherwise, I would feel like a chauffeur for all the places these kids need to go. The boys are going to have a backyard summer party this week also, and are really looking forward to having all their friends over.
I'm busy editing in my "spare" time. I just finished up some photos for a new menu for our favorite Mexican restaurant (hence the margaritas above), as well as some engagement and family portraits from other sessions. I'm pretty much booked for June, and with the holiday on the 4th and us going on vacation the second week of July, I'm really not able to take on any other sessions until mid-July. It kinda feels nice to be so busy!
I also am working on some new ideas for sessions, like the TTV (shooting Through The Viewfinder -TTV- of older cameras) thing that's so popular right now. I'm having fun practicing when I can. Hopefully, I'll be able to post more soon!

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