Tuesday, January 24, 2006

My Birthday

Well, yesterday was my 29th birthday. I had to work, but was pleasantly surprised when the delivery man brought me flowers and a singing balloon from John and the boys. It was very sweet, even though the balloon sang a metal hair-band type song about birthdays. Bodie thought it rocked. All you do is lightly tap the balloon and it sings. Bodie taps it everytime he walks by and has been rockin' out. (Bodie also is the photographer who took the nice picture of me in my profile (see to the left).

Barbara (MIL) took us out to a nice dinner at the Mexican restaurant. Roland (FIL) is out of town to Chicago on a business trip, so it was verynice that Barbara treated and celebrated with us. The boys told me happy birthday about 100 times and I got a hug almost everytime. They gave me picture frames and chocolates. It was a fabulous day. John and the boys made me feel very loved.


Jennifer said...

Happy Belated Birthday!!!
It sure sounds like you had a wonderful day =)

JK said...

Happy Belated! I'm still working on your birthday gift. Obviously, it will be late. ;)